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Tornáda v El Reno - Oklahoma dne 31.května 2013

24.října 2013 v 02:56h Zobrazeno:977 x Autor videa: extremeweatherfilms

You may ask, is there any video from inside the May 31st El Reno tornado? The answer is yes and the video can be found here : http://www.youtube.com/user/extremeweatherfilms Our channel has exclusive video film footage filmed from inside the El Reno tornado on May 31st, 2013. A recent zobrazit více

study by the University of Oklahoma has upgraded the size of the El Reno tornado from 2.6 miles to an astonishing 4.3 miles wide making the El Reno tornado a super tornado and the largest of all-time. Mike Morgan of KFOR TV in Oklahoma City stated that based on the study, the El Reno tornado on May 31st, 2013 is by far the biggest and most powerful tornado ever recorded in the history of the world. He says the El Reno super tornado would have the destructive force of 12 times the tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri in 2011 which was a terrible EF-5 tornado that tragically killed 158 people. The El Reno super tornado was a multi-vortex tornado that had sub-vortices rotating around the parent tornado that were up to a mile wide. It was a sub-vortice that hit Mike Bettes & the Tornado Hunt crew of The Weather Channel that threw their SUV 600 feet totally destroying it - the driver was left with a broken neck, fractured vertebrae, and several broken ribs. I was directly in front of Mike Bettes as we were both heading south on Rt. 81 when the sub-vortice hit him. This same sub-vortice narrowly missed me. Sadly though, this tornado claimed the lives of well-known storm chaser and tornado researcher Tim Samaras, along with his son Paul and research partner Carl Young. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by this deadly tornado. The El Reno tornados unusual movement, multiple vortices and being rain-wrapped made it a worst-case scenario for tornado chasers. Many were located in a region northeast of the tornado, known as the bears cage. Tornado chasers can usually get a clear view of the tornado from that area; however, it places them at great risk with little time to react should the tornado take a hard left turn which is exactly what the El Reno super tornado did as it crossed over Rt. 81 Rick Smith, the warning coordinating meteorologist at the National Weather Service Office in Norman, Oklahoma stated that this tornado was super-rare. William Hooke of the American Meteorological Society stated that Oklahoma City dodged a bullet because had the El Reno super tornado tracked across Oklahoma City you would have had devastation of biblical proportions.

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