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Letecký záznam supercely Seymour 1.4.2013

2.dubna 2013 v 08:50h Zobrazeno:811 x Autor videa: UKStormChaser

Amazing Supercell Storm West of Seymour, TX today. Video shot with DJI Phantom Quad Copter with a GoPro Hero3. 1080p@60fps. Managed to find a spot with very little wind/inflow. Literally about 90 seconds after landing the wind went nuts. Talk about lucky. OH.. and for any aviation people who think zobrazit více

this video is illegal, and violates FAA rules, IT DOESNT!! See: http://www.eoss.org/faa/ac91-57.pdf I am NOT breaking 400agl, i am not within 3miles of an airspace, and i am not selling this video for profit or business as you can clearly see this video is available to the public.

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