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Počasí zachycené na kameru, season 1, díl 5

6.listopadu 2013 v 03:52h Zobrazeno:1025 x Autor videa: Genevieve Sanders

Weather Caught on Camera Full Episodes Season 2 Episode 5 - Huge tornado in Texas; flooding in Tennessee; hail in Phoenix; post-tropical-storm floods in Florida Tornadoes, hurricanes and avalanches are some of the most-dangerous natural disasters around, and they also provide some of the most exciting video footage. That is zobrazit více

what this show is about -- watching footage of extreme weather. From dust storms and sandstorms in the desert to hurricanes in the tropics, its all featured on "Weather Caught on Camera". And, of course, theres plenty of tornado footage to satisfy even the most-hardcore storm chaser. weather caught on camera full episodes weather caught on camera episodes season2 episode 5 s02e5

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